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Syberia Saved Games


Below are all of my saved games from playing Syberia.  Iíve put a general description next to each one.  Please only use these if you experienced a crash or for some reason canít get beyond a certain point.  If you use them to circumvent puzzles, I canít stop you, but you will be cheating yourself out of a great game.  I hope these help.  Now you donít have to wait for me to respond to a request.

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[Instructions on downloading file]

Just click on the hyperlink for the save file you want. It should start downloading. At worst, right-click on the hyperlink and select "save target as".

To load the save game in Syberia, you will need to put it in the Syberia saved game folder- typically My Documents/Syberia Saves/ . (If you are having troubles, find where Syberia puts the saved game files when you save a game, and put it there.)


These saved games are in order of the game from 1 to 25.  But, 26 to 32 are out of order because I made new ones if people needed them.  If you donít find exactly what you need, email me at and Iíll do my best to help you out.  Also, please remember that I may have done the puzzles in a different order than you did, so you may have to repeat things or skip them.  There is a list of important inventory items for each saved game.



In Valadilene; after meeting with notary for the first time

Inventory: cogs, telescopic key, letter from Anna to notary



Val: after going in Hansí grave, before exploring factory

Inventory: telescopic key, 1 cylinder



Val: finished Oscarís legs, but havenít given them to him yet; already explored Annaís office

Inventory: 2 cylinders and music box



Val: just arrived in attic; explore

Inventory: 2 cylinders and music box



Val: in cave; just picked up doll

Inventory: ink, 2 cylinders, music box, mammoth, Annaís diary



Val: in train station; need to get train release stamped

Inventory: ink, ticket, unstamped train release (mammoth, cylinders and music box are already on the train)



Val: in station, need to wind train, then ready to go

Inventory: nothing important



In Barrockstadt; just talked to bargees, havenít explored university

Inventory: hook



Barr: In garden, just picked berries

Inventory: berries, cylinder, hook, yangala powder, test tube holder, Amerzone book, Mushroom guide



Barr: just fixed bandstand, go get money

Inventory: cylinder, hook, wine, yangala powder



Barr: just towed train to wall, walk toward train

Inventory: cylinder, wine, yangala powder



Barr: at train after lecture, talk to Oscar

Inventory: wine, yangala powder



Barr: just gave visa to Oscar, ready to go to Komkolzgrad

Inventory: ticket



In Komkolzgrad; jus wound train and saw man coming from train

Inventory: cylinder



Kom: found Oscar without hands, just talked to him

Inventory: metal sheers



Kom: in mine, just turned on generator

Inventory: metal sheers



Kom: just found ladder going to masked psycho

Inventory: metal sheers, screwdriver



Kom: just took monorail to space station

Inventory: screwdriver, metal sheers, letters to Helena, press cuts of Helena



Kom: just woke up drunk cosmonaut, need to talk to him

Inventory: screwdriver, metal sheers, blood testing kit, vodka



Kom: just used siren and scared off birds; go to airship

Inventory: screwdriver, metal sheers, vodka



In Aralbad; on pier, walk to Helena

Inventory: crystal dish, screwdriver, metal sheers, vodka, hotel brochure



Aral: by pool, need to make drink for Helena

Inventory: lemon, crystallized honey, crystal dish, screw driver, vodka, metal sheers, hotel brochure



Aral: just made drink, Helena agreed to go to Komkolzgrad

Inventory: screwdriver, metal sheers



Back in Komkolzgrad; just freed Helena from cage and got hands

Inventory: Oscarís hands



Back in Aralbad; just arrived, in train station

Inventory: nothing important


Hereís where they get out of order:



Barr: just got visa from wall guard

Inventory: exit visa



Kom: just arrived, still on train

Inventory: nothing important



Val: in attic, just gave mammoth picture to Momo, follow him

Inventory: 2 cylinders, music box, ink



Val: just gave Oscar his feet

Inventory: 2 cylinders, music box



Val: just loaded fuel in factory

Inventory: 1 cylinder (from grave)



Aral: just arrived by airship

Inventory: screwdriver, metal sheers, vodka



Barr: just arrived, still in train

Inventory: nothing important